Where Do I Start?

After having learned how to start the process of becoming more aware of our our mind activity for the purpose of increased thought management, we might need a tip on where to begin. Here I offer [...]

A Sabbath Subject: Rest

Because I am composing this on Sunday, I wanted to make this offering centered in a Sabbath theme: rest. When our brains are so busy taking in stimulation and processing information, not to [...]

Self- Judgments

Invariably, when we start to notice more of the content of our thoughts, we tend to get very, very judgmental–towards ourselves!  And this can be discouraging, needless to say. When we [...]

On Reactions

Here’s one of the biggest payoffs for thought training: becoming less reactionary. Think of all the knee-jerk reactions you have in a day. Here’s one: your son asks for the fourth [...]

Appalling Thoughts

Just a quick little aside here: our brain produces thousands and thousands of thoughts every day. When we start to hone the skill of managing some of those, we start to ask, “Where do these [...]

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