Chronic Health Issues: Winning with a Losing Score

When I joined a softball team in high school, I knew it would be really hard. I had played in elementary school, but that had been almost ten years previous, and I was rusty.

My high school team was brand new. You could walk on, no tryouts necessary. So I joined and was put in as pitcher.

It was hard work. Practices were sweaty and tiring, our team was new, and we lost most games. But one particular game, I was pitching as we were losing by many points. It was a slaughter. I remember getting so distracted by the scores, I couldn’t focus. I cried as a pitched.

My coach had me continue, knowing it was a good show of character to keep pitching in a game we could not win. She knew I would endure and the experience would be fundamental to working on my mental game, my maturity, and my development of grit.

Flash forward to now. I’m not playing softball, but my body hurts. I have arthritic issues, and I feel rusty. It is a really hard way to face each day.

Getting through days now are like that day on the pitchers mound so long ago. I don’t mean that I feel I’m “losing the game” most days, although I certainly feel that way on some days. What I am conveying is the familiarity with being distracted by my aches and pains, trouble focusing on my blessings at times, and the opportunity to endure a challenge.

I know God sees me in this place of my life. Like my coach in high school, Heavenly Father is giving me pointers and encouragement, but He is also having me continue to “stay on the mound” so-to-speak, daunting as it is. He knows I will be gaining experiences that are fundamental for this life and the life hereafter since I will be honing my spiritual game, increasing in emotional maturity, and developing spiritual grit.

Today I call upon myself to remember that we are on the Lord’s team. We rallied around the Father’s Plan of Salvation which called for mortal bodies subject to the weakness of the flesh, including physical illness. We knew our Savior would lead the way, but we also knew we had to do our part to learn and to grow.

With these truths in mind, I know even when the score is Pain and Discomfort-23, Sarah-0, it’s a WIN.



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