A Sabbath Subject: Abundance

Have you ever heard of an abundance sandwich?

I hadn’t either. Then one of my gurus taught me that this is a big improvement on “counting my blessings.” The shift might be subtle, but the effect is not. Here’s what it is:

Top layer of bread: one blessing/desire you want in your life and already have

Filling of sandwich: one blessing/desire you want and don’t yet have

Bottom layer of bread:  one blessing/desire you want in your life and already have


I want a warm home on cold, winter days. I have it.

I want to be free of student loan debt.

I want to be able to exercise or stretch my sore body daily. I am able to do that.


By couching your wants into the frame of reference of what you are grateful for in your life, you change the energy of the experience. Consequently, your perception is attuned to abundance in your life, rather than scarcity or lack. You acknowledge your humanity when you list what you want; denying yourself that exercise is just resisting what is happening naturally.

Go ahead and make 10 abundance sandwiches today on the Sabbath. Through that lens your day will be different, better–ABUNDANT!



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