Appalling Thoughts

Just a quick little aside here: our brain produces thousands and thousands of thoughts every day.

When we start to hone the skill of managing some of those, we start to ask, “Where do these come from?” This happens especially if we have a random, “dirty,” “dark,” or otherwise unwelcome thought that pops into our mind.

This is what I have to say as it is MY opinion: I don’t know all the science or possess the spiritual understanding to analyze the seed of every thought we think. But I do know some thoughts show up uninvited. And I do know that if we can’t always control what shows up, we certainly can control how we respond

On my better days, I deliberately choose not to indulge in, or continue that thought. That is my option. And as has been said before, I like to steer away from self-judgment for the sake of not making the issue at hand any more weighty by way of undeserved guilt. “How fascinating my brain just served me up an inappropriate thought/image. Being human sure is quite a ride.”

[Enter new thought that brings me back to my present task or just on with my day.]

So,  give this a little thought, pun intended. Let’s not need to know why (unless, for example, it would serve us to discover the reason); when we become aware of an unwelcome thought, let’s just gently acknowledge our humanness and use our ability to choose a follow-up thought that serves us–one that will not open the door for Satan to saunter in with cunning, destructive plans in hand. Satan’s work on us always ends in loss of freedom; therefore, let’s exercise our agency up front and not give him any ground. This is true power indeed!

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