Welcome to the Future You Thought Died with Your Diagnosis

From the moment you wake up, the current of overwhelm is sweeping you away.

Even though you’re grateful…

for family and friends who support you
for modern medicine your grandparents didn’t have, and
for faith practices that keep you grounded (mostly)

…something’s still missing!

What’s missing is an “Upstream Thinking” toolkit to help you feel:

More Capable

of facing your specific obligations, given your unique health reality

More Confident

about your interactions with others, especially those who judge you

More Hopeful

(excited even!) about your future, including new opportunities for joy in your self-care, spirituality, and relationships

Health issues notwithstanding, your life can be transformed.

It starts by working one-on-one during 6 weekly coaching calls via phone or computer. We don’t have to use webcams, so come as you are! I allow 8 weeks to finish 6 calls, so don’t worry about having to cancel due to flare ups or vacations.


  • It’s only 25 minutes
  • It’s in a judgment-free zone!
  • You’ll learn one of the chronic illness-management tools to use right away.
  • Webcam on or off, your choice.
  • You’ll end the call feeling empowered and validated, even after the chat about cost! Keep reading for more on that!


Q: What if I’m a good fit for the program yet schedule or finances get in the way?

A: I have resources that can help in every situation. I’ll make sure you know about all my free, easy-to-access resources and other pricing options (like group calls, for example, if they are being offered at that time).

Q: What if I don’t want to schedule a mini-session because I’m afraid I’ll feel pressured to purchase the program while I’m on the call?

A: Nothing to fear. I’m on your side. I want you to own your decision and like your reasons and THAT’s the point of the conversation. The point is NOT to pressure you to pay me for a program investment since that would be counter-productive to the tools I teach to liberate your mind and lift your perspective. In the past year, I too, have said yes both YES and NO to paid programs offered to me. I get it.

For the reason of self-care alone, share a few minutes with me. I promise you’ll leave with valuable info and real validation, if nothing else.

There’s TRULY nothing to lose except part of that invisible burden only YOU know you wake up to each day.

CLICK HERE to schedule the FREE 25 minute session.


  • My 25 minute session with Sarah was truly insightful! I can't believe how much we got through and how deep we dived in just under 30 minutes. She thinks about things in a way that has never occurred to me before and broke things down, bit by bit, to get to the core of the situation. She was also very kind and caring. When talking with her, it was easy to be vulnerable and authentic because of her empathy, validation and understanding! I would definitely recommend trying the mini session with Sarah - who wouldn't want powerful insight into your life and a helpful listening ear?

    Jessica R
  • It was a great opportunity to explore challenges from a professional background. It was done in a manner that I can remember what was discussed, taught, and understood. There was no judgement…You have nothing to lose. Select an area of your life you want to improve or change and begin.

    Lora P
  • Sarah is warm and perceptive. She encourages action in very empowering and loving ways. During the mini session, Sarah shared specific tools and approaches that applied to my challenges. As she explained, she also listened to my feedback and gauged my understanding. It shifted my perspective in really helpful ways and I'm benefiting from the tools she taught me.

    Sarah H