General Life Coaching

1 on 1 Private Thought Training w/Zoom

If you struggle with thought loops, undesirable emotions, old patterns of doing or being, or any relationship, self-concept or personal issue, try thought training!

Stressors notwithstanding, your life can be transformed.


  • My 25 minute session with Sarah was truly insightful! I can't believe how much we got through and how deep we dived in just under 30 minutes. She thinks about things in a way that has never occurred to me before and broke things down, bit by bit, to get to the core of the situation. She was also very kind and caring. When talking with her, it was easy to be vulnerable and authentic because of her empathy, validation and understanding! I would definitely recommend trying the mini session with Sarah - who wouldn't want powerful insight into your life and a helpful listening ear?

    Jessica R
  • It was a great opportunity to explore challenges from a professional background. It was done in a manner that I can remember what was discussed, taught, and understood. There was no judgement…You have nothing to lose. Select an area of your life you want to improve or change and begin.

    Lora P
  • Sarah is warm and perceptive. She encourages action in very empowering and loving ways. During the mini session, Sarah shared specific tools and approaches that applied to my challenges. As she explained, she also listened to my feedback and gauged my understanding. It shifted my perspective in really helpful ways and I'm benefiting from the tools she taught me.

    Sarah H