How Do We Start? Part One

Science tells us there are tens of thousands of thoughts we think each day, and most of those go largely unnoticed.

Can we truly get a handle on all of these thousands of thoughts?

Well, we won’t be perfect in this life–at least, it’s not likely.

So remember this:

  1. We will always deal with the effects of a fallen world and all that entails for our brain physiology and potential here in this life
  2. But even so, we know that anytime we increase awareness of something, we gain access to options

Think about this:

If you are all the sudden made aware that you struggle to fall asleep on nights you read a book just prior to bed, you can connect the dots and read a bit earlier in the day so that you can cultivate a better sleep hygiene routine.

Maximizing options is an enormous benefit to those of us who wrestle with the limitations brought on by our illness.

Tune into the next post to understand more about how to start training your brain!


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