How Do We Start? Part Two: The Yellow Brick Road to Mindfulness

The last post mentioned awareness breeding options. Once you know what’s lurking, you can measure it.

If you can measure something, you can all the sudden have a context for adding or taking away; you’ve established a baseline, so to speak.

Example: If I still want to feed the missionaries but want to take it down a notch (because, for instance, it’s getting harder to serve in this particular way and I need to use my energies elsewhere), how can I do that if I don’t know how often I usually sign up?

How do we establish a baseline? GAIN AWARENESS.

Are we really back to square one (awareness)? YES! 

But how do we

all the sudden

turn on a light

in a place that’s been in

default darkness

due to un-awareness?

First of all, we turn on the light by believing there is something to discover, and then we analyze the data!

As humans, we have the incredible ability to think about what we are thinking about which allows for measurement, analysis, and evolution!

Isn’t that amazing?

So, I’m going along and feeling anxiety about my life as if I’m in a blender and someone else is pushing the button.  Do you ever feel this way?  And yet, here’s the ironic truth: you are the one pushing the button on that blender. It’s your thoughts that have upset the emotional dominoes to a cascading experience of feelings and re-activity in a feedback loop that is not serving you. More on this later…

So today, I challenge you: try to find one time when you make a shift from being “inside the blender” to realizing and owning the fact that your thoughts are contributing to this state of being.  Become a watcher of your own mind space. Start to think about what you are thinking about.

Once you know what’s there, you can understand it, change it, discard it, or keep it but without the powerlessness you felt before. How amazing is that?!

Get curious at what you discover in your head. That, my friends, is the yellow brick road to mindfulness. And that is how we start the process of increasing our personal power with physical bodies that often leave us feeling powerless!

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