Limited Yet Not Ashamed

Dear World,

I have limitations. You bet I do. There are millions of opportunities for me to use my time and energy, and with my limitations, I can choose just a handful each day. I choose what is necessary and what reflects my priorities, and I let the rest go.

I am so happy now that I own my limitations. I am free. I don’t have to do it all. I don’t feel bad about myself or what is left undone. I don’t apologize or make excuses or worry over it.

The good news is that with the diversity in this world, if all limited humans just choose a few causes, a few intentional choices, most of the important stuff would be covered.

I get into trouble when I start believing that I can do and have it all. I start drowning in the feelings of OVERWHELM and despair when I have expectations of myself that exceed my abilities,  my time, and my energy level on any given day or season.

So, world, I gave up that old belief system, an old myth, that I should or could carry the world on my shoulders. What I carry on my shoulders is my brain which takes delight in OWNING my unique set of limitations and abilities and letting those inform how I partner with time to be a wise steward with my precious energy.

So, World, you can pressure me all you want. I won’t buy into the lie of human invincibility. I love the freedom, confidence, and peace of having priorities of my choosing that govern my actions–all stemming from the acceptance of my limitations.

And that’s all the time I’ve decided to give to you today. Peace out.



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