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Doctor Office Thoughts

Have you ever decided to be deliberate about your wait at the doctor’s office? Of course, you may be reviewing your questions or medications. You might be scrolling through your phone as a [...]

Boon to the Bedridden

In movies, when we see a person shackled, often there is a tremendous physical struggle. The distraught prisoner has no chance of escaping the restraints, but that does not mean he or she will [...]

Limited Yet Not Ashamed

Dear World, I have limitations. You bet I do. There are millions of opportunities for me to use my time and energy, and with my limitations, I can choose just a handful each day. I choose what is [...]

Seeing Invisibility

When I look at deciduous trees in the winter, I don’t see the leaves. They are not there. They have dried up, blown away, and are decomposing somewhere else. When I see a bulb in the [...]