Seeing Invisibility

When I look at deciduous trees in the winter, I don’t see the leaves.

They are not there. They have dried up, blown away, and are decomposing somewhere else.

When I see a bulb in the November earth of my front landscaping garden, I do not see the daffodil. I see the paper-y round object getting buried in the dirt.

But, sure enough, within a few months, leaves are overrunning branches, waving in the wind. And proud yellow jonquils smile from my front garden.

What superpower would help me see the invisible–the enevitable harvest of what is sewn in a former season?

Mental effort. That’s the superpower. Perspective shifting, looking ahead figuratively, and living in the security and joy of what is not seen but what is COMING, what WILL BE true and real and amazing.

It takes effort. But as with any superpower, is it worth it? YESSSSSSS.

The alternative is also mind-bending, if you think about it. Darkness at noonday, bare trees when leaves are plenty, looking at tulips and daffodils only to see the bulb under the surface.

The life application, then, is to see what is invisible. Train your eye, your inner perception, and LIVE FROM THAT VANTAGE POINT.

Then you’ll really reap the benefit of your superpower. It will be so magnificent, even being able to fly or grant three wishes from a magic lamp will pale in comparison.



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