Chronic Illness Thought Training?

Why do people hire a personal trainer at a gym?

  • for working one-on-one with a skilled trainer
  • overcoming weak areas
  • gaining strength
  • getting support meeting health goals
  •  being accountable

So what if I pose the idea that our lives are directed by our thinking? And that, like our muscles, we have certain areas of our minds that are weaker than others…still with me?

Think of this: how well does your mind work when you smell smoke in the house or hear a child scream for help? Efficiently, yes?

How about when you have been waiting months for that book sequel to come out, and it shows up in your mailbox. No problems, right? (Open and start reading, already!)

But what about these issues:

  • rehashing a moment from the past over and over
  • projecting worry about something that hasn’t happened yet
  • holding a grudge and obsessing over it
  • feeling oppression from negative self-talk
  • draining energy due to harboring anger towards people
  • drowning in negativity about chronic illness lifestyle

Today with chronic illness, your brain works the same as it always did pre-diagnosis. But  since the onset of symptoms, there have been many, many more thoughts cultivating fear and despair. And all of those thoughts make today less bearable; it only adds to the physical pain.

So I ask: Is the disease confined to your body or has it targeted your mindset too? 

My mission as a personal thought trainer is to act as a coach to ensure your illness does not show up in your thinking. And if it does, I want to assist you in making progress, not only to reclaim hopeful thoughts but also to realize new dreams, dispose of unwarranted guilt, and improve emotional flexibility along the way. You can do this and more with THIS exact body you’ve been given.

I hope you’ll join me!

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