What If My Kids Think I’m Lazy?

Photo by Егор Камелев on Unsplash

When we wrestle with our physical health, it is noticeable to those who live with us. As for the rest of humanity, pain and symptoms might be more obscure, but for those who share our kitchens, house chores, and vacations, our plight is on center stage.

When we start to learn to draw boundaries to protect our energy and our bodies, we know what it looks like to others. We are more than educated about the judgements of others when we don’t meet their expectations. We learn to navigate the mature space of not caring about the opinions of others. It is hard mental work.

But then there’s our kids.

They see us miss church, cancel last minute on attending a meeting, bow out of volunteering for this gig or that service project. And we fret.

We worry because we know we are to set an example. We worry because of how we think THEY WILL INTERPRET our actions.

So here’s the deal, friends.

Let’s use our words to explain our choices and behavior in the best way we know how. But then let’s summon courage. Courage is cancelling when even our kids will call us lazy. Courage is loving that child even still because the difference between compassion and cruelty is often just a lack of personal life experience with the issue in question.

We hope our children are spared these physical issues and the boundaries that come with them. But we also know they are on a spiritual and emotional learning curve of their very own. They will be taught in God’s time, and we will be honored to have done our best to show grace under misjudgment.

As for validation, let’s let the Savior do the heavy lifting, for He was also “rejected of men…and acquainted with grief” (Isaiah 53:3). He is the Perfect One to understand our plight. He’s suffered with us in every detail, and we can always take comfort in that.

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