You Are Perfect (Why the Resistance?)

It’s natural to make comparisons. We compare ourselves with everyone else. We notice the differences, placing extra meaning and weight on the idea of coming up short.

And from the vantage point of scarcity, we feel less-than. We feel terrible. We feel self-loathing, or at the very least, we feel we want to be something more.

A longing to improve is not of itself unhelpful, but its usefulness is augmented by a longing ALSO to see what is going right in ourselves–what needs no improvement. We are worthy beings by virtue of our existence. And so a balance between feeling how perfect we are at present and seeking personal improvement is the best attempt at what I call true self-leadership. You don’t need someone else to validate your worth. You don’t need someone else to inform you that you could be doing better, either.

You see, our potential is not known to us. It’s wilderness unexplored. And the journey of self-discovery, including coming to understand more of one’s potential, is happiest and holiest when we keep our eyes on our side of the fence, in our own lane, and look at the green grass found there.

We are enough. We are whole. The paradox of both being enough and having not yet met our potential does require some maturity to accept, but it is our lot.

I know we are made in the image of God. How perfect is that? We are prototypes of a Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother placed in a fallen world with a perfected process in place for our growth and development. It’s an ideal set up. You’re perfect for this opportunity to become the best version of you. Own that.

We have so far to go, but it’s a blessed journey. For in the middle ground of who we’ve been and who we’ll become, we find ourselves gathering experiences and tools that we can leverage for all eternity. It’s all good.

So don’t resist. Don’t push away this concept of being perfect. Let it sit and expose all belief systems you’ve got embedded in your being. Chill out. When you accept you haven’t yet met your potential, you have it covered. The rest is just raw perfection.




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